Past Updates: If you're new to our ministry, this will give you a glimpse of our prior months and years updates. We do our best to keep our past updates "up to date" The entire year of 2020 is missing in this listing as we started the year off not knowing what to do with Covid coming on the scene. Then, when our teams got new footing, we hit the ground running and barely had a chance to keep up with all the needs of those in the field. 


April 2021

Life Change Story

Chosen Witness

Beth Guckenberger.png

December 2019

Prep for Spring Break 2020

July-Aug VidPic.png

July/Aug 2019

Watch Video Update

Rachel Gilson.jpg

April/May 2019

Summer Connect



Jan. 2019

Jesus Film and
World Youth Day.

Sept. 2018

Nightwatch short film creates an amazing conversation. 


April 2017

Personal & Jesus Film Updates

Updated showing Film sm.png

January 2021

New Things for a New Year

legion poster final.jpg

September 2019

Jesus Film's "Legion"

LevyJune-July VidPic.png

June/July 2019

Watch Video Update

Uninvited pic2.png

March 2019

Uninvited Guests

Happenings in Panama

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Nov. 2018

Creativity Missionaries &


July 2017

CntrlZ  short film used across the globe in the Great Commission.

christmas scene.jpg

Nov. 2016

One minute Christmas film released. Creative Guild updates.