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Come join us to help others to change the world in their cultural context! Jesus Film is always looking for experienced professionals in the film industry who are willing to teach camera, lighting, set protocol, writing, directing, on set audio, and editing at one of our many world-wide film academys.


For more information, contact us below & we will  get you connected.

Film Academy overview

Nigeria Film Academy 2023

Film Mentioned on Podcast

Marea a film we shot in Malta

Marea is one of our longer short films. The majority of our films range from 1-4 minutes. The main point to our short films is to spur conversation.

BTS of short film Marea

If you’re an experienced animator, Jesus Film has many interns and staff who are a part of this amazing project. If you have wanted to serve the Lord with your skills, we always have an open space for you to explore if this is where you are being called to serve.


Animated Story of Jesus

Our world is not only more visual, but the top 12 most unreached countries are also very young. Some countries in Africa median age is in the teens (see here). “Jesus” is set to hit the theaters in December of 2025. Much like it's predecessor “The Jesus Film,“ this animated version will come with all of the 2,100+ languages already recorded. It's all hands on deck as everyone in Jesus Film has a role in this huge undertaking.

Film Crew

See more of our short films


CONTAct us

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For Film Academy, prayer requests, or to join our ministry texting updates, please reach us here:

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