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Hi, we are Rick and Julie Levy. 

We met in college through the ministry of Cru in the late 80's. However, up until 2011, we were self-employed with various graphic design businesses and ad agencies. We left mainstream business for full-time ministry and have been serving on staff with Cru and Jesus Film Project (JFP). Our assignment is specifically with the short film outreach.

Since 1979 the Jesus Film has been shown in gatherings on large screens all over the world. Around late 1990's and up until now, the Jesus Film expanded in our extensive training tools, movies, short films and more via digital means to reach the entire world for Christ. The Jesus Film is the most translated film in the world. Presently at over 2,000 languages and growing!


We look forward to meeting with you to share how short films are being utilized on the mission field and changing the way ministry is done within Cru and JFP.


Come be a part with us in multiplying disciples!
See video below.

Multiplying Is Our Mission

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