January 2021
The Lord's right hand is lifted high; the Lord's right hand has done mighty things!
Psalm 118:16

Latest on Our Ministry & Assignments With Cru

As we closed out 2020 we have a couple significant updates. When we joined staff in 2010, we served on both Campus and Jesus Film Production (JFP). Our work has primarily been to partner alongside other missionaries on the field providing them with everything needed for outreaches (websites, branding, printed materials, etc...)


Julie's news: Recently I accepted a full-time virtual assignment with the Jesus Film Production team. This has been an answer to prayer as I have been longing to be more involved with the ministry initiatives with JFP. I will assist the film production team in acquiring new short films for the JFP app on iPhone and android phones. Please read more on my assignment HERE. I'll quiz you on it later. :)


In mid December, I joined a virtual call to observe a JFP team training local ministers and pastors in Kathmandu, Nepal on how to use the JFP app in ministry. The ministers downloaded the app, and learned how to share the gospel using short film. After the first training week, 9-12 people made the decision to follow Christ! 


Rick's news: I am remaining with Creative One Media (a campus ministry of Cru) as the Austin Team Leader and a Senior Graphic Designer. This year I was able to work on quite a few projects at a time and push many ministry initiatives out quickly. I will also continue to serve with the film team as needed. This is the first time in 30 years Julie and I will not have worked together, which will be a huge change for us personally. Though we're still in the same office... sitting side by side.

Speaking of 30 years... we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on January 12th! Our hopes of going somewhere other than Fredericksburg, TX may be dashed due to so many lockdowns taking place. We, like everyone else, will need to get creative on how we will celebrate this milestone. Any ideas are welcome! 

Please join us in thanking God for Julie's new ministry assignment and our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary!

Some examples of what we've been up to in 2020.


Thank you for being such a vital role in sharing the Great Commission. You should have a link to our personal prayer requests. If you don't, contact us and we will send it.

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