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Our New Role With Jesus Film Project
What led to our change in roles:

Making a film is much like golf, it is very quiet and very serious. You don't go on set unless you know your job and you can do it well. I (Julie) fell in love with the back-end of filmmaking. After, witnessing the response to short films in outreach, I began to truly understand all the power a little (and even strange at times) story can do. After going on a JesusFilm App mission trip to the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, I witnessed how a short film bridges all kinds of obstacles and leaves the one watching unarmed and desiring to talk.

Through our years as a graphic designer with Cru, we've found such joy and purpose providing tools and helping missionaries fulfill their vision for outreaches and other needs. We are thankful to have been called to serve the Lord in this capacity for the last 10 years.

New roles with Jesus Film Project (JFP):

We began feeling the pull to join JesusFilm to help promote the JFP App for use in ministry worldwide. We had already been doing so in our personal lives and felt a nudge to be a part of the ongoing outreaches. Typically working with with JesusFilm meant moving to the HQ in Orlando, a requirement for most JFP full-time staff. However, due to the world going virtual in this past year, the door was opened for us to join JFP in a virtual capacity!

The JesusFilm app:

In addition to the 1,900 languages of the JesusFilm (directly from the book of Luke), we house 43 short films on the JFP app. We need new stories via short film to impact various stages of life and cultures. The team we are joining, Film Curation and Acquisition, is tasked with curating 100 films in 2021! This is quite an ambitious goal. As soon as travel opens up, we will meet with other missions organizations around the world who may have a need for specific films genres we do not currently have (curation). In turn, we will share with the JFP production teams or possibly find films already created that a filmmaker will allow us to use (acquisition). Quite a few short films on the app are made by other filmmakers. Those films are not necessarily Christian, but tell a story that can lead to a gospel presentation.

Here are a some on the app we did not create: In Time, CTRL Z, & La Liberte

We look forward sharing more stories of how the Lord is using short film through the Jesus Film ministry to bring his word to the watching world. Being that we have moved over, it did come to light that we are short in our committed monthly support. Due to this, we are pulling away for a couple months to hopefully get the difference made up and continue serving full-time in our new assignments. 

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