World Youth Day - Stats

  • 7,000 people went through the Virtual Reality (VR) tent that showed the Old Testament intro and the Announcement to Mary (WYD verse was: Luke 1:38).

  • 1,800 people went through the hospitality tent.

  • 4,000 people went through the Jesus Film Project tent, even after technical difficulties caused a three hour delay. People were always waiting to get in.

  • The JFP tent had 45 seats, but most showings had 60+ people inside. Several times we had 80 people in attendance...and our record was 120! So many people coming and going made it hard to count!  

  • Stats to determine how many downloads of the Jesus Film Project app are currently being monitored. Many participants would have their cell phone out and ready to download the app after each showing.

  • From a missionary onsite: One distinct moment was after showing "Falling Plates." It was very crowded and the narrator asked, "Will you follow Him?" There was a pause as most people don't respond audibly. This particular time, a little girl about seven years old yells out in Spanish, "I will follow you Jesus!" It touched everyone in there in a way that only God can do.

  • From a missionary onsite: During all the showings, I felt the Holy Spirit moving, and believe that many people decided to follow Jesus after seeing these short films.

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