An Inside Look at Our Newest Animated Film, "Chosen Witness"

We are so excited to share one of our newest animated projects, "Chosen Witness," which pulls original audio from the "JESUS" film and "Magdalena-Released From Shame." Chosen Witness is a portion of the JesusFilm telling the story of Mary Magdalene's touching encounter with Jesus. The animated film begins with this scene from Magdalena when Mary Magdalene was filled with evil spirits and approaches Jesus. The animated version is edited in a different way, but using all of the voices from the original film.


In Their Heart Language

The languages have been imported into this vivid, powerful portrayal of Jesus that is as of today in 39 languages and is slated to be released this Friday, April 2, Good Friday. Our team of animator's have been working around the clock to make this possible. Thanks to the use of our original audio assets, Chosen Witness will soon be available in over 250 languages. Most people hate reading subtitles, you can understand the joy when viewers around the world can experience hope through their own language.

Take Some Time, Feel the Impact

Here are a few examples of other languages: Hindi, Hungarian, Tagalog, & Indonesian 


Please be praying for the outreaches now being put in place for Easter weekend in many countries.

See"Chosen Witness" on our film library. You'll be able to watch and share the film on JFP website, the JFP app and on our YouTube channel

Fun Fact: In one of the shots in the video above, they show a studio. You can see the red poster that Rick created for the short film Legion. :) Did you see it?