December 2021-January 2022
The Lord's right hand is lifted high; the Lord's right hand has done mighty things!
Psalm 118:16
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Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our ministry. The jump to what we are doing with Jesus Film has been more of a continual marathon. We are honored and privileged to get to do this work on behalf of the Great Commission because of you. We are expectant of things only God can do in 2022. For starters, fully grasping our roles and be able to assist Jesus Film in getting more media out to all of those requesting it for ministry. It's a very long and drawn out process, but we are in it for His glory and we trust He will see us through.

One of our Latest Films!

Yol (The Path)

A personal story of how those we are reaching.

“Yol“ is a very unique film that most American's may not relate to immediately. Watch it first and think on it , then read below what one of Julie's friends, Sara, from a closed country understood as soon as she watched it.

Julie's friend Sara is a fairly new Christian who lives in Austin,Tx, but has lived most of her life in a closed country of which we are unable to mention. Sara immediately resonated with “Yol.” Many are dissatisfied within her home country's approved religion. This leaves them desperately longing for a different way of life. Jesus Film has a very robust outreach in her home country. “Yol” is a first step to offer the hope of a better life in Christ.

From Sara:

”That person was a believer from the beginning, someone who is looking for a sign everywhere, I mean he has hope (faith in) something, but he is still lost! The woman is one of the path that came on his way recognizing him. She showed him the path, he was looking for!!! (When you are eager to find the truth it will come to you.) Eventually he overcome his doubts, left everything behind, and with faith continued his path. Some people like him are the seekers and the door will be open to them in due time (God’s time.)  God will make his path straight.

His friend, is someone who is so busy with daily life, struggling in a way that  even he doesn’t stop to feel the signs! To look around himself, searching for the truth, however even such those people can finally find their way to God! God always gives these people the chance to follow the signs and the paths. I believe he left that sign for his friend because he believes in God’s faith and he was certain that he is going to follow the path one day!“


Thank you for being such a vital role in sharing the Great Commission. You should have a link to our personal prayer requests. If not, contact us and we will send it. Please spend some time on our website to learn about our ministry, past updates, etc...

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