August 2021
The Lord's right hand is lifted high; the Lord's right hand has done mighty things!
Psalm 118:16
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A Delightfully Changed Life

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The following testimony is from World Youth Day outreach in Summer 2019.

Some identifying details may have been changed for confidentiality.


One of our newest short films called Delight just launched prior to World Youth Day (WYD) in Panama. We love showing Delight (created and produced by JesusFilm) because it is so relatable. See our update from January 2019 to learn more about WYD. 

JesusFilm had many unique outreaches happening during this huge pilgrimage. One tried and true way is one on one sharing of short films using tablets or phones. In one particular situation, some JF staff, Rachel and Ally were able to start a conversation with some young women Paula and Natalia. They showed them the one-minute film Delight where Paula was brought to a deeper understanding of her father's love for her. Her father just happened to be hospitalized in Panama. They talked a while and parted ways.


Later on Rachel and Ally found themselves in an overwhelmingly large crowd of people. Somehow they spotted Natalia! She said "It’s really cool you shared that film with us earlier because Paula has a really bad relationship with her dad. After talking with you, she went to go talk with him." Natalia expressed her thanks for what they are doing out there. 


Seeing an opportunity to share more about Jesus, Ally pulled up La Liberté (Freedom Within) on a tablet to show Natalia. After the five-minute film ended, Ally asked Natalia thought-provoking questions, and explained spiritual concepts to her. God used the conversation to reveal himself to Natalia, and she entered into a relationship with Him.

Rachel and Ally sat with Natalia for about 30 minutes to help guide and counsel her as she stepped into a new life in Christ. They challenged her to read the Gospel of John. She had never read the Bible before but was excited to start.

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