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April 2023
The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
Psalm 118:16

Equipping Those Who Desire More

Do you have 5 minutes? Lets go...

Recently I, (Jules) met Sabrina after watching her on an interview on YouTube about leaving Islam for Christianity. Sabrina grew up in a Turkish household that had relocated to Bulgaria. She now lives in the UK. During her YouTube interview, she explained that when she became a Christian, she ended up having to search Google to address the questions people were asking her. While I was listening, it hit me that we can actually equip her to do ministry online using our Next Steps Journey platform. I reached out to her on Instagram and she was delighted to learn about how she can use digital strategies. After texting back and forth with Sabrina, she signed up to attend a one-on-one training with our Jesus Film team and is learning new ways to reach the young Muslim communities in Bulgaria. Below, Rick and I explain what a Next Steps Journey is.

(Under 2 minute clip)

Sabrina Explaining Her Joy of Learning about Digital Strategies

You'll light up as you hear what Sabrina had to say about the training she received when the trainer, Dave Pritchett, asks her a key question below.

(2 minute clip)

If you'd like to watch Sabrina’s story of Leaving
Islam for Christianity on the Mohamad Faridi podcast, you can see it here on YouTube.

Sabrina's Story.png
Levy Note

Thank you for being such a vital role in sharing the Great Commission. You should have a link to our personal prayer requests. If not, contact us and we will send it. Please spend some time on our website to learn about our ministry, past updates, etc...

Rick & Jules

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